“Time Critical” shipments

“Time Critical” shipments

the express shipments require a solid and efficient structure to be correctly managed. Some particular goods – such as staminal cells, life-saving medicines, blood and surgery tools – needs the full respect of the deadlines requested, as well as a 24/7 assistance along with all the most high-level quality standards vehicles.

Eurofret Italia Srl is specialized in handling of urgent shipments national and international. The Milan Company can assure fast deliveries always within the required deadlines. Offering an excellent and unexceptionable “time critical” shipment’s service, Eurofret Italia use a dedicated vehicle fleet managed by a skilled staff, able to supply prompt, fast and on-time deliveries.

The Eurofret Italia’s team are capable to offer a tailored shipment service, considering time by time the transit times available and supplying plenty choices for the urgent deliveries, to be examined together with the customer accordingly to the budget available.

The solid Eurofret Italia’s structure can grant, since the very beginning, a shipment service both national and international always meeting the customers’ expectations, ensuring the delivery of the “time critical” shipments within the deadlines agreed.

Urgent Air shipments

For the most bulky and urgent shipments, Eurofret Italia can even offer the charter dedicated flights. The Milan Company offers a door-to-door service and door-to airport service, custom clearance included. Thanks to the wide and solid partner network of Eurofret Italia, the Milan Company is able to ensure the daily deliveries for the urgent shipments in Europe and all over the world.

Eurofret Italia secure a full control of the international “time critical”, from the packing to the final delivery, along with the constant track & tracing service.

Apply to Eurofret Italia Srl to request information about the urgent shipments, national, European and international.