Handling of perishable goods

Transport of perishable goods

Eurofret Italia Srl use a specific truck fleet to transport perishable goods, which need a peculiar equipment for the goods storage. The perishable goods require a fast transit time delivery and suitable storage, in order to arrive at the final destination in perfect conditions. The Company works with international customers belonging to any commercial sectors. Regarding the foods industry, Eurofret Italia Srl  developed an excellent service, supplying the best packing solutions, including dry ice and envirotainer.

Dedicate vehicle service

The Milan Company offers many type of dedicated vehicles, equipped with refrigerators suitable for the perishable goods transports.

Eurofret Italia Srl, after a careful check of the goods to be transported, chooses the most suitable vehicle and aircraft with the highest safety rank. The company has big refrigerated cells always ready for the storage of the perishable shipments located at the main airports as well as in its warehouse. The Milan Company is able to offer tailored solutions, optimizing the routings, which allows a safe handling along with the most care and punctual arrival.

Eurofret Italia Srl offers a full international transport service including the custom clearance handling along with the delivery confirmation. The Company handles the insurance applications for the transports, that’s to protect the goods shipped by all the risks.

Appoint to Eurofret Italia Srl to request information concerning to the transport of perishable goods, national and international.