Handling of dangerous goods

Handling of dangerous goods

The dangerous goods department is one of the strength of Eurofret Italia Srl

Eurofret Italia Srl takes care of dangerous goods in the most safety way and the consequent correct handling of any dangerous material. On behalf of their customers they check the risks and prepare the handling procedures to control and prevent any accident.

Truck transport of dangerous goods

Eurofret Italia Srl offers the truck transport of dangerous goods using a dedicated truck fleet, which is properly equipped. The Milan Company is able to classify properly the goods, using the suitable packing, supplying to the trucker all the required documentation for a safe transport. One of the document needed for the truck transport of dangerous goods is the written instructions of the procedure in case of the unlucky event of an accident. All the Eurofret Italia Srl drivers have the professional certifications always updated.

Transport of dangerous goods by Sea

The sea shipment of any product require a particular attention, considering the unpredictable conditions that might happens in open waters. Everything shall have to be prepared carefully, from the packing type and labeling, granting the safe arrival at the final destination of the products. Eurofret Italia Srl operates fully respecting of  the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code), that rules the transport of the dangerous goods by sea.

Transport by air of the dangerous goods

Eurofret Italia Srl use special charter flights for the transport of the dangerous goods, accordingly to the IATA “Dangerous Goods Regulations” (International Air Transport Association), which represent an operation version of the technical instructions of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

Appoint to Eurofret Italia Srl for the national and international transport of the dangerous goods.