Customs brokerage services

Customs brokerage handling

A proper custom brokerage handling, related to any international shipment, allows to prevent any Custom dispute avoiding any further penalty. The correct handling is a quite expensive action, that require time, specific knowing and a continuous update of the current restrictions of the different Country’s rules.

Eurofret Italia Srl offers a complete international service transport, inclusive of custom brokerage. The Milan company acquired during the years specific skills to offer a wide range of services strictly linked to brokerage support.

Eurofret Italia Srl assist its customers during all transport steps that’s includes the custom brokerage, that require a constantly updated knowing of all the different countries. The company cooperate with a professional team always ready to help the customers for the custom clearance and for any other international trade need.

Intrastat declarations handling

The intrastat declarations have to be submitted by the VAT code owners via a digital transmission to the Agenzia delle Dogane, in case of trading inside the Europe. The professional team of Eurofret Italia Srl take personally care about the filling and the submitting online to the Custom authority the resuming lists of purchases and sales of the goods and the services inside the EU within the terms requested. Thanks to the complete transport service offered by Eurofret Italia Srl, the customers can definitively be free of those matters entrusting in the Milan Company for any custom issue.